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This isn’t a photograph of the daVinci we know and love hanging at the Louvre. This is the fully restored ‘copy’ found in Prado, painted in Leonardo daVinci’s studio at the same time the painting at the Louvre was created. According to official experts on the subject, the copy definitely came from daVinci’s studio: “Italian panel paintings of the time were normally done on a gesso ground, but the Prado copy is now shown to have been painted on a double layer of lead white and linseed oil, a technique usually adopted by Leonardo on finely-grained woods.” art newspaper

This is going to create quite a stir when the new found copy gets to rest side by side with its Louvre doppleganger. The fully restored version was found under a black undercoat. The undercoat was painstakingly removed to reveal the preserved details of the background and subject, far surpassing the level of detail in the Louvre version which is caked with varnish from over 500 years.

Below is the Prado version on the left, the Louvre version on the right.

Louvre on the left, Prado on the right.

This is all fascinating to think of in relationship to the sort of romantic charm that the Louvre painting has inherited over the years. I wonder if this will have a dissipating effect, or possibly amplify that fanatic energy. And I wonder how value will play a part in this equation. What if the Prado version turns out to be a daVinci piece and the Louvre version, the student work? What if they were both student works to some extent? All this in light of the Prince v. Cariou case… but that is a whole other post.